Green Infrastructure and Stormwater Management

The Sunset Boulevard Greenway is an infrastructure project extending
over two miles of Sunset Boulevard, from Sloat Boulevard to Irving Street. Rain gardens, the green infrastructure technology chosen for this project, will be placed strategically along the western side of the street in an effort to significantly reduce the stormwater entering the sewer system and infiltrate stormwater into the soil to help replenish groundwater reserves. This project is a partnership between San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) and the San Francisco Public Works.

The rain-garden design concepts reflect the natural topography and soil conditions of Sunset Boulevard, which are incredibly supportive of stormwater infiltration. Proposed rain gardens along Sunset Boulevard can improve stormwater management for more than 20 acres of paved surfaces in the Sunset District.

Read more about this project on SFPUC’s web site.

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